What if you never had to create an Instagram image from scratch again?

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Upgrade your Instagram feed with 100+ Canva Templates you can swipe and use right now, plus our branding checklist and CHEATSHEET.

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As featured in: NY Times, Forbes, WSJ, AdAge

The IG Template Collection

With these Instagram templates, your business or agency gets a library of plug-and-play options to create better content, FASTER, so there’s no need to lose hours and hours designing. You’ll learn how to easily tailor the Instagram post templates for your business.

From charts to memes, we walk you through why and how these templates work and how to edit them and make them look unique.

A Sneak Peak of your 100+

easy-to-edit IG templates.

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Quote Templates

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Tweet Templates

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Phone Notifications

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Google Search

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Venn Diagrams

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iPhone Emails

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Miniminal Text

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Hero Text

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Text Conversations

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IG Quizzes

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Headline Text

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Dark Mode Text Messages

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So. Many. Memes.

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Case Study: See The Templates In Action

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Focus on event photos, less brand strategy, less consistency, no templates.

Engagement resulted mostly in likes and was below the benchmark averages we were looking for.

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In 2020 we used the TEMPLATES in this Collection to switch to a brand-focused content strategy.

Engagement: Up 340%
Reach: Up 1,000%
Saves/Shares: Up 800%

Steal our 100+ Canva templates. Save time and create better Instagram content that stands out in the feed.

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It's no secret that trying to create compelling content for social media is VERY time-consuming

Does any of this sound familiar…

  • You’re not a designer, but you’re hacking your way through art-school level software wishing for a more user-friendly solution.
  • You're a social media manager or agency up against a deadline, slammed with admin work–in addition to, umm, trying to find time to engage with actual customers.
  • Maybe you have a designer, but they are NOT UP TO SPEED on social media. They need specific examples—templates—to work with. They need you to show them what's working in the feed.
  • You’re working all hours on the business and still can’t get everything done, as notifications pile up. But, you want to create better content for your community and you’re excited to learn

Well, imagine if you had a collection of 100+ expert-tested templates handed to you. Your schedule would look much different…

You could sit down for a few minutes, fill in a few templates, and get all of your content created for the week!

Save tons of time and focus on things that matter in your business—like your customers—instead of losing HOURS every week trying to come up with new things to post.

Now you’re posting with CONFIDENCE, knowing that your content will get great engagement, because you’re using proven, data-tested templates and posting the kind of content Instagram users love to see.

You're watching your business GROW, while you effortlessly use our templates to create great content, that isn't just compelling, but high converting and on-brand.

The IG Template Collection gives you a REPEATABLE system, so you have MORE TIME to create that stand out content... and it's available now for only $27!

“Wait, what? All of this for $27?”

Yup. We know The IG Template Collection is worth more than 10x this price. But we also know that times are tough and we want this to be the EASIEST budget decision you make all year. And, maybe you’ve noticed, we’re pretty passionate about supporting Social Media Managers & Business Owners, so we’re sharing our entire IG Template Collection at this special rate.

Meet Your Trainers

With more than 25 years of combined experience in social media and digital marketing, Nicole and Jason have worked on social strategies with some of the largest brands in the world, including L'Oréal, Chevy, Gillette, P&G, LexisNexus, and HP.

Fun fact: Jason, Founder of Social Fresh, created templates like this for Nicole’s social media department when she was at L'Oréal. Pros—across industries—use TEMPLATES. It’s a best practice, especially if you want to create a consistent brand story!

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What's Included in The IG Template Collection?

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100+ Editable Canva Templates

The templates are organized into 4 main trends that work: Charts, Quotes, User Interface, and Memes.

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6 Tutorial & How-to Videos

We walk you through how to use each of the Instagram template sets. Even if you've never used Canva before, you will be customizing templates and creating your own immediately.

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Design Tools and Resources List

It's important to have a DEPENDABLE set of resources and software to keep your design process sustainable, and affordable. These are the tools we use and recommend.

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Brand Creative Cheatsheet

Another TIME SAVER! This cheatsheet helps you select the best style of post for your specific topics.

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IG Branding Checklist

Understanding your "Brand" is the missing key for unlocking great content. This quick checklist is your shortcut to making sure your IG posts connect back to your branding.

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BONUS: Creativity Music Playlists

Our 2 favorite Ultimate Creativity Playlists (Spotify and Pandora), packed with music to play when you need to brainstorm, write copy, or while you customize your TEMPLATES!

How This Works

Here's a behind-the-scenes video of Jason creating one of our templates in The IG Template Collection.

Have fun with "Google searches" tailored to YOUR audience and then see how fast it works - when we've already done the heavy lifting and design for you!

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What they're saying about

The IG Template Collection

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When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

Immediately! As soon as you join, you get access to all the templates and support materials. This is a self-paced, instant access program, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything you need right away. So you can start today! Or whenever is good for you =)

How long do I have access to this product?

Everything is yours to keep. You have lifetime access to the Canva templates. They are designed specifically for you to copy over to your account. One time investment, lifetime access.

Can I use this even if I don't have tech skills?

Yes 100%, you don't need to be a designer or have deep tech skills. We walk you through the templates to make this easy for you, and better yet, fast for you. By the end of this short program, you'll have a firm grasp of how to edit these easy-to-use templates.

Do I need to be a Canva user?

To access the Canva Templates, you’ll just need to sign-in or create a free account. This only takes a few moments and does not cost anything.

What if I'm already too busy and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

As fellow social media pros, we feel you. That’s the best part of this system. It saves you time and you don't need hours upon hours to put this together. We give you the framework for easy implementation, even if you only have limited bandwidth to get started. You got this!

Can I buy this, try it, then ask for a refund?

Since you can consume The IG Template Collection in just a few, short hours, we do not offer refunds. But once you make your first image–in a fraction of the time it usually takes–you’ll notice it’s worth more than 10x the price.

How do I get access to The IG Template Collection?

Thanks for asking! Scroll down to access The IG Template Collection today! This system is years in the making… But it’ll only take you a few seconds to join and a few hours to implement (or maybe a few minutes, if you’re already using Canva!)!

Can I give you more money than you're asking for?

Yes, if you'd like to send us money, that can be arranged. =) However, what might be a better solution is for you to tell us what training you want us to build next.

Have another question?

We’re happy to help! Email us at conference@socialfresh.com.

The IG Template Collection

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Upgrade your Instagram content today. The IG Template Collection will save you time and improve your Instagram RESULTS.

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Idea Bank of 300+ Brand Examples of IG Templates

Idea Bank: 300+ Brand Examples of IG Templates

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